Thursday, November 11, 2010


 Project: Fourth Year Major Project - My Fashion Emotion - First Concept

This was a design I came up with for the very first concept of depression. It is a much more abstract approach using brushes and and shape however I decided to use a different style for it was hard to keep the portaits consistent throughout the whole project. 

There are more of the final images located on my Flickr page:

Major Project Image - original

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Client: John Encarnacao
Project: Visual Identity for The 2010 Bachelor of Music Grad Show

The initial aim for the conceptual feel of this project was to create an exclusive and elegant atmosphere for the festival. This design was the second visual treatment after the preferred was chosen for further development. 

2010 Bachelor of Music Grad Show

The overall visual treatment was based on a concept I had created. Using the colours pink and purple, I aimed to give a sense of mystery and excitement, whilst keeping in mind the context of exclusivity and elegance. This can be found here...


Personal Work - 'A Vampire In The Graveyard' 

A personal piece I'm quite proud of for I'm a fan of the Gothic and vampire myth. A photomanipulative piece exhibiting dark themes in digital art. It's an experimental piece, testing brightness, contrast and colour adjustment that resulted in a work exercising my design skills when designing for my own enjoyment. 

A Vampire in the Graveyard.


A selection of works taken from my portfolio over the course of my studies. Each piece exhibits my skills and creativity in my chosen field of visual communication: graphic design. I've selected work that offers variety in form and exemplify my personal design philosophy: the creation and experimentation of concepts in externalising my ideas... 

This attitude towards design initiates an enthusiastic approach toward my practice. 

The first piece is one of the portraits from a project entitled 'Fashion Emotion'. This project was based on the concept of how our emotions influence fashion choices made on a daily basis. Using myself as a case study, I analysed several emotions and visualised what signifiers could be used to represent these using graphic design.

Project: Fourth Year Major Project - My Fashion Emotion - Final 

This one is entitled 'Depressed'. As seen here, colours, shape and image connote the sort of metaphors used to represent the context of depression. Most importantly, the clothing is the central focus of the image.

Major Project - Depressed Persona - final


Project: Customise Magazine - 'A Bit O' This and That' - Customising Fashions..

customise layout2

customise layout3

customise layout4

customise layout5

One of the best projects I had worked on. 

A third year project involving the choice of topic where the term 'customise' can be applied. I chose to write and design mine on creating fashions to suit personal taste and preference. The themes in the article revolve around changing attittudes toward the way fashion is designed involving  environmentally conscious options; notably Linda Loudermilk
and the Steampunk sub-culture. 


Project: Design Research Training - Visual Essay on Music

exp 4 copy

I selected this image as it once again, portrays the influence of dark themes and offers a mystical feel. This is one of my preferred images from a visual essay I created on the topic of how I see music. I approached this project with visualising what I imagine when listening to it; the kinds of scenarios, places, memories etc that are conjured in my head.

It reflects the more personal attributes of myself. Externalising the though process when listening to the lyrics.

In this example, the words connote a haunting and ghostly presence.


Project: Program for the 2010 Bachelor of Music Grad. Show
Client: John Encarnacao

Music Grad Show Program Design

Using my original circular graphics from my original visual treatment, I came up with this concept to design the program for the Bachelor of Music Grad. Show. Using elements selected from other team members' approaches, the introductory page showcases the highlight of my initial design selected by the client.


Project: Postcard From Sydney


Another piece that showcases my personal liking for dark themes. 

I responded to this project with a gloomy and haunting atmosphere to reflect the context of the topic, Monte Cristo; which is supposed to be the most haunted house in NSW. The requirements of the outcome was to write an article about our chosen location and visually represent how we want to advertise it through design; encouraging tourism.


Project: Design Project - Campaign Against Youth Depression
Creative Minds

sample three - poster for design project 3rd year

Poster concept for an advertising campaign against youth depression entitled The Creative Minds Campaign. It initiates the use of art therapy as a means to manage the incidence of medically diagnosed depression in young people. The illustrative style suggests the different mediums employed in art making; used to externalise feelings in the process.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Design is.....

My personal viewpoint on design involves two things: creating and experimenting. The two go hand in hand like this: by creating a variety of concepts and experimenting with ideas to formulate a single design; I give myself and clients options to select the appropriate solution. 

This approach serves me well when working to a brief and designing for my own recreational enjoyment. It accelerates work flow for I have more to work with; making my design process much simpler. This allows for blending different elements from each to find a way to find the best approach for the final outcome