Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A selection of works taken from my portfolio over the course of my studies. Each piece exhibits my skills and creativity in my chosen field of visual communication: graphic design. I've selected work that offers variety in form and exemplify my personal design philosophy: the creation and experimentation of concepts in externalising my ideas... 

This attitude towards design initiates an enthusiastic approach toward my practice. 

The first piece is one of the portraits from a project entitled 'Fashion Emotion'. This project was based on the concept of how our emotions influence fashion choices made on a daily basis. Using myself as a case study, I analysed several emotions and visualised what signifiers could be used to represent these using graphic design.

Project: Fourth Year Major Project - My Fashion Emotion - Final 

This one is entitled 'Depressed'. As seen here, colours, shape and image connote the sort of metaphors used to represent the context of depression. Most importantly, the clothing is the central focus of the image.

Major Project - Depressed Persona - final

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